About us

"Property has its duties as well as its rights."

-Thomas Drummond

Propertybachao.com provides you a platform for safeguarding your legal interests in properties. Almost every household in India has either experienced themselves, or knows of someone who has been cheated out of their legal rights in property. Whether someone known has resorted to cheating or forgery or an unknown third party has profited from preying on unsuspecting people, litigation relating to property accounts for nearly 70% of all court cases in India.


At Propertybachao.com, you get a chance to publish truthful details related to your legal rights and interest in properties. Whether you are in property related litigation or simply want to protect your property pre-emptively from cheats, squatters and unscrupulous profiteers, or you are a financial institution looking to recover your loans from property loan defaulters, our website helps you by making general public aware of your ownership and / or legal rights and interest in those properties.


If you are interested in buying a property, Propertybachao.com gives you an ideal platform to check the current legal ownership status of any property provided it is listed on the website.


We are a one stop destination where owners, buyers and sellers of property as well as financial institutions can get and provide real information about the legal status of properties, thereby mitigating the risks of cheating and forgery.